VIP72 – the best VPN service provider

OpenVPN it’s open source technology, providing a reliable crypto-communication channel between you and one of our servers

Do you need VPN? Yes, you need it!

  • If you want to exclude the possibility of logging your activity at the primary Internet provider
  • If you need stable access to resources, access to which is restricted from the IP of your country
  • If you need to use (ICQ, mail, IRC, VoIP), but these services is blocked by firewall on your network
  • If you want to stai anonymous, hide real IP address. Anytime! Anywhere!
  • If you want to prevent the interception of confidential information. OpenVPN provides 2048-bit key encryption!
  • If you work with public hot-spot
  • If you want to connect many PC around the world to one protected local network

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the bottom line — You can get more servers globally, better VPN features, and 24/7 customer support with Surfshark for the same price or less. So why bother reading on?!

If you’re looking for versatile and quick fixes to outflank geo-restrictions and get access to blocked content on the Internet, vip72 VPN will get the job done. Vip72 VPN is a one-man band US-based provider that’s been around since 2006. Not only does it provide VPN services, but it also offers Proxy and Socks proxy services to help you secure your internet connection and protect your data online.

The company has its eyes fixed to deliver very good internet security elements by solely relying on 1024-bit encryption with OpenVPN to protect a variety of sessions like VoIP, browsing, online media streaming, FTP, instant messaging, and P2P/torrenting (which is not allowed on US servers).

Double VPN also adds an extra layer of anonymity, though it does slow down your internet connection speed when streaming content online.

Vip72 VPN promises that it doesn’t keep logs or records of its users’ online activities, but it’s location in the US raises concerns since US is part of the Five-eye countries. In addition, back in 2015 vip72 was allegedly put under investigation for spreading the Bunitu Trojan botnet.

Despite being in the VPN industry for over a decade, vip72 VPN is limited to Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and FreeBSD on desktops only; it doesn’t have clients for portable devices like Android and iOS.

Navigating vip72 VPN’s website is like looking for a needle in a haystack, giving it low marks for being overly simple and frustrating at times, especially that there aren’t any other effective forms of support.

How We Test Customer Support and Why Should You Care

If we compare vip72 with the higher VPN providers in the market, it might be considered one of the most expensive VPN service available. It offers 3 packages including a weekly plan, a monthly plan, and a yearly plan. Among all three, the yearly plan would be considered the least costly, yet it still costs way more than other VPNs which provide more features and a much higher level of online security and privacy. If you are convinced with the price but still not sure if it will give you what you paid for, they do offer a free demo access to their Germany server. Unfortunately there is no refund policy or money back guarantee period.
They only accept three payment methods which are: Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, and Perfectmoney.